Sharia compliant treasury products

Our Treasury Group manages all of Al Rajhi Bank's currency positions, cash flows, and manages the balance sheet to ensure the availability of adequate liquidity to meet the day-to-day operating requirements. Our team provides support to other business units within the bank, supplying information, and the technical know-how on all treasury products, in order to facilitate all our customers’ operational requirements. With our knowledge and participation in both local and international markets, you can rest assured that we provide our customers with all the related risk assessment and risk management support that they require.

The Treasury Group is among the most active participants in the international commodity markets, and its expertise in this area enables us to provide attractive investment returns for our customers, through Sharia compliant treasury products. The department implements a continuous product development program that constantly invests in modern technology, and its team, to maintain its place at the forefront. Our Treasury Group also extends its advisory services to existing and prospective customers, to enable us in providing a comprehensive range of financing and hedging solutions to suit their specific business requirements.

At Al Rajhi Bank Kuwait, we can directly align you with our experienced team to manage large volumes and provide innovative customized financial solutions for you.

Enjoy the benefits of our Treasury