Strengthening your credit

Letters of Credit have become a crucial aspect of trade after traditional payment methods became impossible. In the modern business world, there is no international trade without them. Reduce your risk of non-payment and advance your business with confidence.

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  • Export Letter of Credit
  • LC Musharaka
  • LC Murabaha

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Eligibility & Criteria

  • At least 15 years of age
  • Must have a valid ID

Required Documents

  • Saudi Passport or National ID Card



Fees & Charges

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Annual Membership KD 80
Lowest Profit Rate No Fees
Late Payment No Fees
Cash Withdrawal KD 4
International Use (POS) 3%
International Cash Withdrawal KD 4 + 3%
Card Re-Issuance Fee KD 20
Electronic Statment No Fees
Monthly Minimum Payment     Revolving 8.33%
Monthly Minimum Payment     Revolving Full
Frequently Asked Questions:
Letter of Credit
  • What is the advantage of using a LC?
    It is used to secure payment for the seller and protects buyer by evidencing goods that have been shipped/ transported.
  • What are the international customs governing letters of credit?
    Uniform customs and practices for documentary credits ( ICC publication 600 ).
  • What are the Uniform customs and practice for Documentary credits ( UCP )?
    The UCP is a set of internationally recognized rules for documentary credits published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in France, these rules are used in the international trade community for determining the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in Letters of Credit.