Home Finance made easy

Al Rajhi Bank offers a housing finance program that is compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia law and is designed to meet all your financial needs to obtain the financing you desire. It is the easiest financing to build and renovate your dream home

Ready to apply for your Home Finance?

  • Features
  • Terms and Conditions
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  • Financing compatible with the provisions of Islamic law.
  • Financing up to KD 70,000*
  • Flexible repayment period of up to 180 months*
  • Sponsor is not required.
  • A variety of distinguished electronic services.
  • Fast approval of the funding request.

Terms and Conditions Apply


  • Minimum monthly salary of KD 500.
  • Applicant's current job period no less than one month*
  • Applicant's age ranges between 21 and 70 years old.
  • xzMonthly payments shall not exceed 40% of the net monthly salary for employees and 30% for retirees.
  • Original Civil ID.
  • Salary Certificate + Salary Continuous Certificate
  • 6 months account statement.

You can join us by applying through one of the ways:

  • Call center: 1812333.
  • Visiting Al Rajhi Bank branches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does the profit margin change after requesting financing from the bank?
    The profit margin is fixed and does not change as of the date of signing the financing application.
  • Can I determine my personal finance term?
    Yes, you can determine the term that suits your needs (subject to the terms and conditions).
  • Do I have to submit documents and invoices when requesting financing?
    You are obligated to provide documents that indicate the use of the financing required and the purpose specified thereof.
  • What is meant by net monthly salary?
    Net salary is the monthly salary of the name mentioned in the official salary certificate, issued by the entity in which they work, or in the monthly salary certificate issued by the General Organization for Social Insurance for retired customers, in addition to the labor support, excluding deductions, as well as the rental allowance granted according to the Housing Welfare System. No other monthly income of the applicant is considered and, therefore, it shall not be included in their net monthly salary in any of the aforementioned cases.