Security Tips

Some useful tips to protect your accounts and credit cards.

  • Protecting Your Credit / Debit Card
    • When you receive your card, you should immediately sign the signature panel on the back
    • Never let anyone else use your card
    • Keep your card in a safe place - don't allow it to be bent or scratched and keep away from magnetic objects eg. purse clasps, work security passes
    • Always destroy cards when they expire by cutting them in half through the magnetic strip
    • Carefully discard receipts from card transactions and ATMs once you have checked these against your account statement. This will help prevent others acquiring information about you and your cards
    • Make sure you get your card back everytime you use it
  • Protecting Your Card PIN
  • Security Tips For Online Shopping
  • Security Tips For Online Banking
  • Tips To Reduce Card Frauds
  • Tips For Using ATMs
  • Tips For Overseas Transactions