The Al Rajhi Bank application enables you to perform most banking operations on your account in a safe and easy way, anytime, anywhere.

  • Receive the login OTP via registered E-mail.
  • Ability to access via face ID & finger print
  • You can update your CID to reactive your account
  • Change or update the mobile number to receive text messages on the new number.
  • You can now update your email
  • Ability check out all the details and the data of the deposits
  • You can now apply for new credit cards in the application
  • You can transfer cash from credit cards or prepaid to your current account
  • Recharge the prepaid card automatically on a monthly basis
  • Access to your account and conducting banking operations anytime, anywhere via mobile.
  • The highest standards of security when trying to access your account.
  • Ability to inquire about your account balances and transfer your money.
  • Ability to inquire about your credit cards.
  • Creating, adding and modifying standing orders.
  • Inquiring about the details of the financing product and following up your financing installments.
  • Adding beneficiaries easily.
  • Transferring money from your account to beneficiaries' accounts.
  • Submitting a suggestion/complaint/application for the purpose of improving and developing services in the bank, as well as many banking operations that keep you in complete contact with all your banking needs.
  • Inquiring about credit card (Visa) details.
  • Fast payment of credit and prepaid cards.
Al Mubasher

Taking banking to a
whole new level

Explore vibrant graphics, user-friendly interfaces, and convenient navigation with our innovative banking app for mobiles & tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Are there any fees for the Al Mubasher service for individuals?
    No fees are charged on this service
  • In case your password is forgotten for Al Mubasher service for individuals
    You can activate the account with a new password through the application.
  • Are there any fees for transfers between accounts on Al Mubasher service for individuals?
    No fees are charged for transfers made between local beneficiaries.