Banking at your convenience

The "International withdrawal" service enables you to perform cash withdrawals from your account at any of our local and international branches easily, as this service aims to grant you the freedom to deal with banking transactions wherever you are during your travel, providing you with security, so that you do not have to carry large sums during your trip.

International withdrawal service features include:

  • Withdrawals from all Malaysia and Jordan branches, in addition to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia branches
  • Minimum cash withdrawal is SAR 1,000 or its equivalent and the maximum daily limit is SAR 100,000 or its equivalent in the country's currency

Terms and conditions:

  • To be an Al Rajhi Bank customer
  • Cash shall be given in the currency of the country in which you are located
  • Your account is required to be active and not suspended.
  • Your signature on the application shall match your signature upon opening the account.

Required documents:

  • Original, valid Civil ID.
  • Passport

List of branches providing this service:

State of Kuwait:



Kuwait City Branch Sharq

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:



Al Zaher Makkah
Qeba Al Madina Al Monawarh
Al Malaz Center of Riyadh
Maidan Palestine Center of Jeddah
Al Rashed Mall Al Khobar
King Khaled Airport North Riyadh
King Fahad Airport Al Dammam
King Abdulaziz Airport North Jeddah
Prince Mohammed Airport East Al Madina Al Monawarah