FAQs for Car Installments Program

How long does the purchase process take?
Your finance can be processed within one day as long as all your documents are ready.
If I have already applied for another finance, can I still apply for a car installments?
Yes, you may and our staff will help you calculate your payments.
How should I go about applying for a finance?
Select a car, get a printed quotation, bring it to the branch and get the loan process started.
What is the rate of Profit on the car installments?
We aim to offer competitive rates to our customers, but we are also focused on speed of application and quality of delivery.
Is your purchase of the car Sharia compliant?
Yes. All of Al Rajhi Bank’s products are Sharia compliant.
Can I receive the car from the dealer?
Yes, you can.
What are the purchase procedures and requirements that follow?
Once you get the final approval, you can bring a quotation for the value of the car you choose. If a car chassis number is not available, just provide the car specifications.