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Our Cash Management service has been designed to assist you in daily cash collection and regular fund management activities, thereby enabling you to focus exclusively on the growth of your business.

  • Cash collection from designated business premises
  • Same day credit cash collected
  • Safe and secure transit

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Eligibility & Criteria

  • Must be an Al Rajhi account holder
  • Minimum limit of cash collection

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  • Service agreement



Frequently Asked Questions: Cash Collection

  • What are Cash Management services?
    Cash Management services include physical cash and check collection from your business premises to our designated cash centers and a host of online cash management solutions.
  • When will the collected cash be credited to my account?
    If all the information provided by you on a cash collection receipt is complete and correct, the cash collected can be credited into your account on the same day.
  • Can I appoint a representative to perform my transactions on my behalf?
    Yes, you can appoint a representative to perform your transactions on your behalf. Your representative will then be responsible for any transactions carried through this connection.
  • What are online Cash Management services?
    Online Cash Management services include online, sweeping, pooling, transfers, payroll management, and bill payments.
  • What is the online sweeping service
    This service allows you to move money between related accounts on a periodic basis.
  • What is the online pooling service?
    Pooling services allow for virtual consolidation of balances for reporting and analysis purposes. Pooling differs from sweeping on that no fund movement occurs, the function is only of reporting nature.
  • What are the levels of authorization on online Cash Management services?
    For any financial transaction, there is a 3 level authorization process to provide greater control.
  • What types of enquires can I make using your online Cash Management services?
    Our online Cash Management solution enables you to inquire in real-time, 24 hours a day, about various aspects of your cash management. It allows you to retrieve several types of statements and get transaction advice. You can download your statements directly onto your computer for an offline review, whether for archiving or for accounting purposes.
  • Is there a need to develop some in-house interface/application to use Cash Management services?
    No, you do not need to have any in-house I.T. related development. All our services are web-based applications.
  • Do I need training to use your online Cash Management services?
    Once you sign for the service, our qualified staff will train your administrator who can later train other staff. Moreover, our round-the-clock helpline is there to provide help to our valuable customers whenever they need it.