Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

A trusted leader delivering innovative financial solutions to enhance quality of life everywhere.

Our Mission

To be most successful bank admired for its innovative service, people, technology and Sharia compliant products, both locally and internationally.

Our Values

Despite the growth over the last five decades our commitment in adhering to our core values remains the same.  Everything we do is built around our core values, based on a customer centric approach which puts the customer at the heart of our activities.

  • Integrity & Transparency Openness and highest standards of corporate & personal ethics, in all that we do
  • Passion to Serve Our CustomersA strong commitment to anticipate and address customer needs beyond expectation
  • Solution OrientatedHelping our customers achieve their objectives
  • ModestyHumility in thought and deed in everything we do
  • InnovativenessNurturing imagination and fostering creativity for better results
  • MeritocracyDefining, differentiating and reinforcing excellence in people
  • Care for SocietyContributing towards a better tomorrow