Corporate Social Responsibility

Our responsibility to our community has always been at the forefront of our obligations and is one of the main objectives of the Bank.  Al Rajhi community services include:

  • Our Banking Products:  As one of the first Islamic Banks in the world, our products have been adopted as models by other banks locally, regionally and internationally.  Each of our products is fully Sharia Compliant, carefully studied and approved, by our Sharia Committee; a group of the Kingdom’s most prominent and esteemed Islamic scholars
  • Internal Policies:  Our bank operates within approved policies regarding employment, equipment purchasing, project management, and internal maintenance, through which the bank upholds the highest levels of social responsibility.  We are environmentally responsible in terms of energy usage and recycling
  • Human Resources:  Al Rajhi Bank values maintaining social responsibility in the HR sector, establishing mutual loyalty and a personal relationship with each staff member.  Employer and employee alike share the same vision, thus building an extended family within our organization
  • Corporate Social Responsibility:  Al Rajhi Bank has continuously committed itself to a series of corporate social responsibility programs in different sections of the community, including educational, health, and general social programs

We are proud of our services to the society through redirecting the funds from the clearance account to serve our community:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Housing